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Ann McIver Goodpasture

Ann McIver Goodpasture

A tribute to Ann Goodpasture: AAME alumna

July 27, 2021

A! Magazine for the Arts recently lost one of its most beloved and significant volunteers, Ann McIver Goodpasture on June 1, 2021.

Ann grew up in Bristol, Tennessee, and attended Virginia Intermont College. In 1977 she and her husband Joe started a communications firm in Charlotte, North Carolina, where their most significant publication was CITI Magazine, a home and gardens lifestyle publication.

Ann was passionate about music and sang in church choirs, the Bristol Concert Choir and the Voices of the Mountains.

“When publication of A! Magazine for the Arts was turned over to Arts Alliance Mountain Empire in 2004, Ann Goodpasture was the right person to ensure the success of this new venture. Her service as a board member was invaluable in the early days of AAME. As an experienced marketing professional, she was able to initiate and manage the sale of advertisements necessary for funding the project. Her management of ads not only funded the publication but also provided artists and arts organizations with valuable public relations opportunities. Ann played a major role in helping AAME, as a service-providing arts council, to fulfill its mission of serving all the arts in our region,” says Ann Holler.

“In A! Magazine Committee meetings, Ann’s ardent support for the arts in the region was matched by her understanding that if our little miracle of an arts magazine was to survive, we had to market our product and underwrite the effort with ad sales. Her motivational efforts and marketing strategies propelled the committee forward for many years,” says Gloria Oster.

Everyone involved with A! Magazine and AAME is deeply grateful to Goodpasture for her tireless efforts to lead these efforts to success. We miss her and send our condolences to her family.