AAME Speaker Series

Since 2014, Arts Alliance Mountain Empire has hosted an annual speaker series, featuring local, regional and national artists, art educators and advocates of the arts. Visual artists, musicians, composers, directors, playwrights, actors and supporters of the arts have spoken or performed in a variety of venues in downtown Bristol Tennessee/Virginia. With an emphasis on the Appalachian Highlands region, the AAME Speaker Series has provided a forum for local artists to present their work to the community, as well as to discuss the process of their craft. All talks and performances are free to the public.

Val Lyle speaks Jan. 21 at 7 p.m. at the Cascade Draft House, 828 State Street, Bristol, Tennessee.

“The Power of Community-based Public Art” is the subject of Lyle’s talk which will include a guided behind-the-scenes tour of her large-scale permanent commissioned public artworks in Knoxville Tennessee, Abingdon Virginia, Kingsport Tennessee, and Bristol Tennessee/Virginia. Lyle has her Master’s in figurative ceramics and studied with acclaimed figurative artists Ethelia Patmagrian and Mark Anderson at Ringling College of Art and Design where she received her BFA during a time when most art schools were focused on post abstract expressionism. Many people know her studio artworks of ceramics and paintings, recent examples of which will be for sale at Cascade.

“I work with communities through listening to craft a time-worthy expression of their story,” says Lyle. “When I started my second company, “Art Now LLC” which is the full service large scale public artworks business, everything fell into place.”

This will be a “must attend” for any organization or group that is considering honoring a person place or event for future generations. Lyle will offer free advice about placement, non-profit status, insurance, hiring fabricators and more.

You can learn more about Art Now LLC and Val Lyle atwww.ArtNowLLC.com

Other speakers include

  • On Feb. 10 Jim Dahlman, author, gives the King Institute Appalachian Lecture at 9:15 a.m., at King University Memorial Chapel, Bristol, Tenn., and 7 p.m., at First Baptist Church, Bristol, Va.Dahlman is professor of communications and humanities at Milligan College, where he teaches courses in journalism, creative nonfiction, media law and ethics. His book, “A Familiar Wilderness: Searching for Home on Daniel Boone’s Road,” chronicles his solo hike in 2013 that traced the route of Daniel Boone’s WildernessRoad from east Tennessee to Central Kentucky, blending travel narrative with history, observation, and profiles and interviews with dozens of people he met along the way. www.king.edu
  • On Feb. 18: Sonny Kelly performs his one-man show at Virginia Middle School
  • In March: Lee Jones speaks aboutphotography and design
  • In April Chris Slaughter and Andy Moorhouse talk about the history of theater in Bristol and Abingdon