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"Petition for Spring" by Judith O'Rourke

"Petition for Spring" by Judith O'Rourke

Glass Art Exhibit: Judith O'Rourke

August 28, 2007

Some of the most intriguing vitreograph prints created at Littleton Studios over the years are the works of O'Rourke, who has been employed at Littleton Studios in North Carolina for 17 years. Her job involves collaborating with artists from the United States and abroad to produce vitreograph prints.

O'Rourke received a Bachelor of Science in Art from Southern Connecticut University in 1982 and her MFA from the University of Texas (UT) in 1985. An international program offered by UT took her to Florence, Italy in 1984 to study intaglio printmaking. O'Rourke has an impressive record of 100 exhibitions, including 11 solo shows, to her credit.

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