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 BEST OF SHOW: Richard Buddine, Yellow Iris

BEST OF SHOW: Richard Buddine, Yellow Iris

Rhythm and Roots Photography Competition Winners

October 5, 2009

BRISTOL, TN/VA -- Winners have been announced for the 2nd Annual Rhythm and Roots Photography Competition, sponsored by Twin City Photo Club.

The gallery show was open to the public during Bristol's 2009 Rhythm and Roots Festival. The show had 220 entries in the categories of: People, Landscape, Nature, Monochrome, Inanimate, Altered Image, Best of Bristol, Youth and Young Adult. Judges included Earl Neikirk, Bristol Herald Courier; Benjamin Walls of Benjamin D. Walls Gallery; and Ivan Scott of Ivan Scott Photography.

Award winners included:

BEST OF SHOW: Richard Buddine
, Yellow Iris

BEST OF BRISTOL: Jackie Dennison, Street Fiddler

PEOPLE'S CHOICE: Taylor Duncan, A Splash of Color

Listed below are the winners for each category:


1st - Casey Eggers Bristol, VA

2nd - Bill Bryant Blountville, TN

3rd - Melissa May Bristol, TN

HM - Jackie Dennison Bristol, VA


1ST - D. Evan White Bristol, VA

2nd - Rudy Morales Blountville, TN

3rd - Haley Gilbert Bristol, VA

HM - Rudy Morales Blountville, TN


1st – Richard Buddine Bristol, VA

2nd – Richard Buddine Bristol, VA

3rd – James Bray Bristol, VA

HM – Bill Bryant Blountville, TN


1st – Cheryl Orman Bristol, VA

2nd – Virginia Weddington Bristol, TN

3rd – Matthew Mills Bristol, TN

HM – David Presley Lebanon, VA


1ST - Haley Gilbert Bristol, VA

2nd - Danny White Bluff City, TN

3rd - David Presley Lebanon, VA

HM – Ashley Wheeler Bristol, TN


1st – Justin Wiseman Bristol, VA

2nd – Justin Wiseman Bristol, VA

3rd – Nathan Mays Bristol, TN

HM – Flower Parker Bristol, TN


1st – Taylor Duncan Bristol, TN

2nd – Taylor Duncan Bristol, TN

3rd - Taylor Duncan Bristol, TN

HM – Lucas Gilbert Bristol, VA


1st – Wilson Adams Bristol, TN

2nd – Trenton Banks Bristol VA

3rd – Bethany Stout Bristol, TN

HM – Trenton Banks Bristol, VA


1st – Jackie Dennison Bristol, VA

2nd – Nathan Mays Bristol, TN

3rd – Ashley Kendrick Bristol, TN

HM – Richard Buddine Bristol, VA

For more information about the club, visit www.twincityphotoclub.com.