Arts Access Mini Grant for underserved and underrepresented people

January 15, 2017

There are two Tennessee Arts mini-grants accepting applications — the Arts Education Mini Grant and the Arts Access Mini Grant. All applications must be submitted 30 days prior to the project start date. Qualifying organizations are encouraged to apply.

The Arts Education Mini Grant supplies funds for arts education providers who have unanticipated short-term or one-day arts education projects. Projects should include hands-on learning experiences focused on performing, visual, traditional folk and/or literary art for the participants. A professional artist approved as a teaching artist by Tennessee Arts must teach the program.

Applicants must be a nonprofit organization or government agency, library, or nonprofit arts organization. However, K-12 public schools should apply for funding under the Student Ticket Subsidy program to carry out a short-term arts education project. For more information, view the AE-MG Guidelines.

The Arts Access Mini Grant offers direct support for arts projects that focus on increasing access to underserved and underrepresented people, which may include ethnic groups, people with disabilities, and people age 65 years and older.

Arts Access Mini Grants range from $500 to $1000 and are designed to introduce new applicants to the grant making process. Arts Access Mini-Grants do not require a match.

K-12 Schools and organizations currently receiving funding in APS/RAPS, Arts Access Annual Grants, MCI, CEP, and PS are not eligible to apply. ABC grantees are eligible for Arts Access Mini-grant funding. Only one application per organization per year may be funded in this category. For more information, view the AA-MG Guidelines.