'In The Woods' by Patricia Ringley McCarthy

'In The Woods' by Patricia Ringley McCarthy

McCarthy exhibit is at Barr Photographics

December 10 – January 31, 2022 @ Barr Photographics

• OPENING DEC. 10:The Gallery @ Barr Photographics,Abingdon, Va., hosts“Real and Imagined”byPatricia Ringley McCarthy. This exhibit consists of acrylic and oil alla prima artworks.

In her artist’s statement McCarthy says, “My style of painting has evolved over 30 years. I started out working with watercolors and experimented with various media until I began painting primarily with oils about 10 years ago. My goal as a painter is to communicate my first impression of the subject and the essence that inspired me or caused me to want to share my experience. I like to work fast and spontaneously and to complete my paintings from life in one session, alla prima. Otherwise, I find it easy to drift away from the original idea. I enjoy painting plein airewhenever possible. I look for compositions that have strong contrasts and interesting focal points. I feel that simple painters are the best. I strive to keep details to a minimum, choosing to include only those that enhance the overall design. One of my biggest challenges has been creating compositions that work. It seems that if the composition is wrong that adding paint or trying to fix it is very difficult. Through much trial and error, I have learned to work out my compositions earlier and more thoroughly prior to putting paint on the canvas. This allows me to paint more intuitively and more effectively. I realize that painting is complex and that when you work through one problem, a new one will no doubt be on the horizon. That is the challenge of painting and the reason that I enjoy it.”

“Real and Imagined”is celebrated with a gala reception and art talk byPatricia Ringley McCarthy,to which the public is invited,Friday, Dec. 10from7 — 9 p.m.atThe Gallery @ Barr Photographics,152 E. Main Street, Abingdon, Virginia.“Real and Imaginedwill hang, and be offered for sale, through 31, January 2022.The Gallery @ Barr Photographics LLC is housed in the Greenway Trigg Building, located in the heart of Abingdon’s main street historic district.

Call 276-628-1486or visit for further information.

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