'The Nutcracker' is on stage

December 2, 2023   |   7 pm @ Southwest Virginia Community College

Southwest Virginia Community College School of the Arts in partnership with Citizens for the Arts highlights this storybook holiday classic "The Nutcracker"featuring Bristol Ballet Company, Saturday, Dec. 2, at 7 p.m. at SWCC King Community Center.

It is Christmas Eve in a small town in Germany, in the 1820s. In the town square, the mysterious Drosselmeier presents a performance in his Children’s Street Theatre and then hurries off to the Silberhaus’ Christmas party with his gifts.

Family and friends gather at the Silberhaus’ home to celebrate the holiday. The children are excited to receive Christmas gifts, and Clara Silberhaus is delighted with a pair of pointe shoes. Clara and her brother Fritz’s favorite uncle, Herr Drosselmeier, arrives late. In his usual manner, Drosselmeier becomes the heart of the party, entertaining the children with a toy theaterand a mechanical ballerina and harlequin dolls. The children are delighted and eagerly ask him for more. Drosselmeier has one more surprise up his sleeve as he presents his favorite creation, the Nutcracker.To his disappointment the children are not interested, with the exception of Clara, who immediately falls in love with the Nutcracker and begs Drosselmeier to make it life-size.

Soon it’s time for the children to retire to their rooms howeverClara is too excited to sleep as she recalls the evening’s party and her Nutcracker left under the Christmas tree. She sneaks back to the living room to find him and falls asleep on the sofa. Clara awakens to find her living room filled with mice. Drosselmeier appears to rescue Clara and he magically makes the house and the Christmas tree grow. He then grants Clara’s wish for a life-size Nutcracker, and her Nutcracker Prince appears.

As the night goes on and the dream continues, Clara on her journey back home awakens, disoriented, on the living room couch, cradling her Nutcracker doll, she remembers, and wonders...was this all a dream?

All tickets are$25 and are available by calling or texting (276) 963-3385 or through SWCC School of the Arts website.

Category: Dance