Brett Cook, Slimepunk, comic

Brett Cook, Slimepunk, comic

WKMA asks guests to "Humor Me"

February 24 – July 3, 2022 @ William King Museum of Art

In the age of Covid, it seems that the world around us has become dull and gray. “Humor Me: The Art of Laughter,” on display at William King Museum of Art in Abingdon, Virginia, Feb.24 through July 3, aims to provide the audience with a bit of joy. More information can be found online at

There are many different types of humor, and often humorous art is not considered “Fine Art.” The group exhibition, “Humor Me,” aims to challenge such notions.

Neon Artist Danielle James pairs neon shapes and text with unexpected imagery to create a work of art that takes on a whole new (and often funny) meaning. Brett Cook is a local artist whose comic series Slime Punk has captured attention; in this exhibit you can see a typical (or not so typical) Slime Punk adventure unfold. Emily Schubert has been an artist in residence at Arrowmont School of Art and Craft; her costume designs feature her Sense Monster Series. A conglomeration of mouths and noses grace the body that adorns them in a humorous performance piece, aimed to make us smile and awaken the child within us. Johnson City Artist, Jay Flack, offers the viewer his take on pop culture superheroes, the legendary Bigfoot, and aliens; his stylized characters have captured the contemporary regional art scene. In “Humor Me: The Art of Laughter” you can see additional work by artists such as Kelsie Tyson, Catty Wampus Puppet Council, Blake Gore, Rachel Hulme, pieces from the Emory & Henry Collection, and more.

It has been socially proven that humor can diffuse distressing topics, offer moments of emotional respite, and connect us to one another. The theme of this show incorporates art that is purposefully crafted to make viewers smile and maybe even have a laugh or two. Learn more about the exhibition online at or call (276) 628-5005 x106.

Tours at Two: Learn more about the exhibition and experience a free guided tour of “Humor Me” at 2 p.m.,Sunday, March 27. Call Anna Buchanan at (276) 628-5005 ext. 106 to reserve a spot.

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