'Babe, The Sheep Pig' is on stage

April 5–21, 2024

Knoxville Children’s Theatre, in partnership with the Clayton Foundation, presents a live production of “Babe, The Sheep Pig.” The play was written by famous playwright David Wood and based on the book by Dick King Smith. The tale has been translated into more than 15 languages and adapted into the Oscar-winning film, “Babe.”

The play is performed April 5through the 21Thursdays and Fridays at 7 p.m., Saturdays at 1 p.m.and 5 p.m., and Sundays at 3 p.m.

Babe wants to fit in on the farm but also wants to achieve a better destiny for himself. Babe and the other piglets of the litter have been separated from their parents. Babe is sent to Farmer Hogget’s property, where the farm is abuzz with activity. There are sheep, roosters, dogs, turkeys, catsand other animals around, and all of them seem to have a job, or “purpose” as Babe puts it. Except Babe. Farmer Hogget’s wife, however, has a purpose in mind for Babe: Christmas dinner.

The play is performed by 15 young actors from ages 9 to 15. Babe is played by KCT veteran Emily Rowe with Jenna Blumberg as Mrs. Hogget and Karter Spalvins as Farmer Hogget. They are joined byKCT veterans Julian Daniel, Hogan Honeycutt, Maggie Ingle, Rosalie Linnabary, Eiley Rickmanand Barnes Shafer. Making their KCT debuts in this production are Teaghan Barr, Ginny Field, Charlie Fritts, Mabel Kendall, Lydia Komeshakand Lara Qing-Bodiya.

This production is directed by KCT guest director Elijah Payne. The play is designed by young student designers from ages 9 to 18. KCT veteran Annabel Dattilo provides the scenic design with assistance from Zeb Brockman, Noe Etheridgeand Maggie Wilson. Truman Ball provides the lighting design. Evie Braude designs and builds the costumes with assistance from Zoe Brockman. The prop masters are Chloe Beeler, Avannah Jump and Addy Kate Thomas. The play’s stage manager is Avery Schroeder with assistant stage manager Lena Kennedy.

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