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Arts Depot Joins Virginia's 2009 Time Travelers Program

March 27, 2009

ABINGDON, VA -- Looking for a fun way to introduce your child to Virginia's history? Then try the Time Travelers Program.

The Arts Depot in Abingdon has been selected as one of the participating sites for Virginia's 2009 Time Travelers program.

This program encourages students (grades K-12) and their families to gain a better understanding of Virginia history and culture by visiting Virginia's many museums, arts venues, and historical sites. This statewide program is in its twelfth year and includes more than 300 participating sites across five regions of the state. You do not have to be a Virginia resident to participate.

Over 35,000 children have completed the Time Travelers program. Visitors as far away as Brazil and Australia have returned their Time Traveler passports and received certificates and T-shirts.

The Virginia Time Travelers was developed by the Virginia History Initiative during Governor George Allen's administration. The purpose is to boost interest in Virginia's rich historic and cultural attractions through a reward system that draws upon and strengthens the educational, cultural, and economic contributions of the Commonwealth.

This year's theme is "Stories of a Nation" -- 2009 marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Edgar Allan Poe and gives the opportunity to explore the world of famous authors, poets, and stories that helped make us who we are today. In 2009 Time Travelers invites you to learn more about Virginia's authors by visiting theme sites.

More than 400,000 free "passports" are distributed to schools throughout the Commonwealth. Passports are also available at all participating sites, as well as libraries, tourist bureaus, and welcome centers. Each passport has a list of sites, locator map, instructions for completing the passport, and spaces for students to collect stamps from the sites they visit. Students who visit six different sites by December 1, 2009 will receive a certificate signed by Virginia Governor Tim Kaine designating them as an official "2009 Virginia Time Traveler" ($3 shipping and handling fee). They are also eligible to purchase a colorful Time Travelers T-shirt. A limited edition patch is available to participants who have included at least two "Stories of a Nation" sites as a part of their six visits.

The "Master Traveler" designation is given to persons who visit more than the six required sites. They will have a special gold seal affixed to their certificates.

Please stop by the Arts Depot to obtain the passport form and begin your journey.

For more information on the program visit the Time Travelers website at www.timetravelers. org or contact the Arts Depot: call (276) 628-9091, e-mail abingdonartsdepot@abingdon.com or visit www.abingdonartsdepot.org.