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Bristol Author's book links favorite songs, mood

December 15, 2015

Teacher and author Guy V. Briggs of Bristol, Tennessee, has released "Favorite Song Magic," a book that discusses how people's favorite songs affect them and how people can use those songs to help manage life's ups and downs.

Based on extensive research into music, psychology and the brain-as well as decades of classroom experience-Briggs' book takes readers deeper into their favorite music, asking questions such as:

· Why have your favorite songs become favorites?
· What important parts of your life are your favorite songs attached to?
· How often do these songs pop into your head out of nowhere?
· Should you ignore them when they do?
· Have you ever used one to give direction to a situation that was difficult to solve?

As Briggs says, "Favorite Song Magic" is "about the emotions, moods and feelings that you have come to associate with your treasured songs." Usually a single word or a one-liner will grab your attention. Henry Hadow explains it in "The Place of Music in Life," "Any part of a song can take you on a fascinating journey revealing things you might never have considered."

"Favorite Song Magic" includes 150-plus mini-stories, parables and quotes, along with some 40 emotionally engaging activities.

Individual copies of the book may be purchased for $7.95, which includes shipping. Five or more copies of the book may be purchased for $5 each, which includes shipping. Book clubs or other organizations may purchase the book in bulk as well. The book may be purchased at www.favoritesongmagic.com.

Briggs is also available for group workshops, where he can lead people through learning more about their favorite songs and putting them to use to improve mood, outlook and motivation. In addition, a 10-minute briefing is available for groups. The briefing is titled "Alice in Favorite Song Magic Land."

Briggs has been a teacher and faculty member in music for 40 years in the public schools and higher education. He holds a bachelor's, a master's and a doctoral degree in the musical arts. His passion has been to emphasize the emotional importance of music in people's lives.