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The Lee Boys of Atlanta

The Lee Boys of Atlanta

Bristol's Sesquicentennial Celebration Concludes

November 21, 2006

As Bristol's Sesquicentennial winds down, music will take center stage. On Saturday, Dec. 30, musical groups will perform from 6-9 p.m. in the downtown historic district at O'Mannin's, State Line Grill, Borderline Billiards, K.P. Duty, and Java J's. Musical groups will include The Tremors, The Dixie Bee Liners, Lightin' Charlie, and Duty Free, Clear. At 7:30 p.m. the Paramount Center will showcase the headliners for the evening - The Lee Boys of Atlanta and Riders In The Sky. The formal closing of the year's events will be held at 11 p.m.

Throughout the weekend the public will have the opportunity to purchase the set of 10 Retro-Bristol buttons, posters and other memorabilia that will commemorate this great year. A photograph exhibit of the year's events will be located at the Bristol Public Library. For more information, visit the sesquicentennial website, www.bristol150.info.

The Lee Boys of Atlanta

Exhilarating. Inspiring. Spirited. Soulful. These are only some of the words fans have used to describe how The Lee Boys make them feel. Theirs is the music of praise, faith, and hope but with a whole lot more funk and enjoyment than has ever echoed through any church.

The Lee Boys' "sacred steel" style (featuring the pedal steel guitar as the central instrument) is rooted in gospel, but is infused with rhythm and blues, jazz, rock, funk, hiphop, country, and world music genres in a powerfully jamming mix. Theirs is not "sitting and listening" music - dancing, shouting out, and having fun are considered essential parts of their tradition.

Riders In The Sky

Some call it cowboy music; some call it folk music; some call it the Best in Western music. Call it what you like - the bottom line is this: Riders In The Sky delivers pure and priceless entertainment, allowing listeners to leave behind the frenzied pace of today's living and lose themselves in the romantic, comical and whimsical world of the singing cowboy.

Since 1977, Riders In The Sky has faithfully tended a musical tradition kindled by singing cowboy legends such as Gene Autry and the Sons Of The Pioneers. They include Ranger Doug ("Idol of American Youth"), Woody Paul ("King of the Cowboy Fiddlers"), "Too Slim" and Joey ("The CowPolka King"). They combine a wide musical repertoire with outrageous comedy, delivering entertainment guaranteed to delight listeners of all ages.