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Capo's Music Store in Abingdon to Become an Affiliated Venue of The Crooked Road

September 10, 2012

ABINGDON, VA - Capo's Music Store in Abingdon, Va., was presented with a banner acknowledging this venue's recent inclusion as a Crooked Road Affiliated Venue. As an Affiliated Venue, Capo's Music Store will be represented in Crooked Road publicity and promotional materials. The Crooked Road presented the banner to representatives of the Venue Saturday, Sept. 1, at 6:30 p.m.

Capo's Music Store was founded in 2009 by Amy Ball Braswell and Gill Braswell. In developing the vision for the store, Gill and Amy meshed together their interests and passions to create a shopping experience unlike any other in the region. "That's exactly what they have done," said Jack Hinshelwood, executive director of The Crooked Road. Capo's frequently hosts events, writer's nights, speakers, performers, and players nights. "Through their efforts, Capo's has become much more than just a music store, it is a vibrant part of the Abingdon community experience."

"The Acoustic Jam on Saturday nights is a great example of what Capo's adds to the community," said Hinshelwood. "Musicians gather in the back rooms to play together, and visitors can experience that music every week while shopping for music, interesting books, or crafts made by regional artisans." Capo's also provides academic scholarships to area high schools.

The Crooked Road recently announced the naming of 12 new Affiliated Venues and Festivals. The Affiliates are all traditional music presenters and include annual festivals and weekly or monthly jams and concerts. A complete listing of the Affiliated Venues and Festivals and the nine Major Venues of The Crooked Road: Virginia's Heritage Music Trail can be found atwww.thecrookedroad.org.

The Crooked Road's mission is to support tourism and economic development in Southwest Virginia by celebrating and preserving this Appalachian region's unique musical and cultural heritage. The Trail itself covers 330 miles and connects Rocky Mount in Franklin County to Breaks Interstate Park in Dickenson County.

For additional information about The Crooked Road, call 276-492-2409 or send an email to info@thecrookedroad.org. For more information about Capo's Music Store, call 276-525-1880 or visit http://www.caposmusicstore.com/.