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Artist Carole Blevins by Jacob Clark House in Abingdon

Artist Carole Blevins by Jacob Clark House in Abingdon

Carole Blevins captures the essence of Abingdon

June 1, 2016

It has always been a dream of prolific artist Carole Farris Blevins to create a lasting artistic memory that visually captures the historic community that is near and dear to her heart. The artist has lived in and around Abingdon, Virginia, all 73 years of her life. The hills and valleys, the architectural structures and iconic landscapes have created a vision in her mind, which has come to fruition within the pages of her new publication, "Abingdon, a Sketchbook."

The premiere book signing and opening reception for the exhibit of framed originals featured in the book is at The Arts Depot in Abingdon June 2, from 6 - 8 p.m. (public exhibit June 3 through July 22)

"Growing up in and around Abingdon, I spent a lot of time as a young girl walking along the brick sidewalks looking at every house along the way. One of my favorites was on Valley Street, known by long-time residents as the Preston House. I would stare at its aristocratic looking exterior, and then imagine that I would live in that house as an adult. Through the years I watched as other beautiful homes and businesses would show their wear of many years, eventually being replaced by newer structures and parking lots. Gone forever. As an artist, I feel a responsibility to create a visual legacy for Abingdon - to preserve the memory of homes and landscapes that have been loved for generations, but might not always be here. A feeling for a place in time, an emotional souvenir to be enjoyed and shared for many generations to come."

The 32-page coffee table publication, printed by Sabre Printers of Johnson City, Tennessee, and published through Mallory Fine Art contains more than 70 watercolor and graphite images, representing iconic architectural buildings and landscapes - including its trio attraction for tourists: Barter Theatre, The Martha Washington Inn and The Virginia Creeper Trail, as well as the Muster Grounds and area churches located in the historical district of town. With helpful observations that paint a picture of the architectural timeline of stately homes and those who have resided within - both generational families and famous names that helped to establish the town of Abingdon since its incorporation in 1778, "Abingdon, a Sketchbook" is a keepsake for not only Southwest Virginians but also the annual host of visitors who have been smitten by the arts culture, history and landscapes that have made Abingdon a favorite travel destination.

Books may be for purchaseed ($39.99) along with original artwork and a limited offering of prints will be available. The book can also be purchased online on Amazon and at various venues throughout the region. Updates will be posted on the Abingdon Sketchbook Facebook page, www.facebook.com/abingdonsketchbook.

For more information, contact Mallory Fine Art at 423-742-2150.