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Lisa Boardwine's palette

Lisa Boardwine's palette

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March 1, 2017

Lisa Boardwine shares her expertise with other artists and aspiring artists through workshops and a mentoring program.

Her oil and cold wax medium workshops last from two to four days. Participants learn about various materials, surface effects and techniques used to achieve unique finishes. They experiment with nontraditional tools and textural elements to apply paint. The look of oil and cold wax is similar to an encaustic look but without the fumes or heat. The workshop opens new avenues to oil painters, especially those who work with abstract ideas.

Her Art Mentoring and Creative Guidance program is for artists who would like additional support in refining their artistic skills, developing their own personal style, critiquing work, developing a cohesive body of work, encouragement and feedback. This is a private, one-on-one, creative guidance program for artists. Boardwine and the participant communicate in each session via online and phone conversations. Upcoming workshops include "Expressions in Oil and Cold Wax Medium," April 21 through April 23 at the Crossroads Art Center in Richmond, Virginia and at the Carolton Gallery in Banner Elk, North Carolina, July 11-13 and Oct. 17-19. She is still arranging dates for other venues.

Visit her website: www.lisabboardwine.com or her face book page www. facebook.com/lisabboardwineartist for workshop updates.