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October 31, 2012

Why art? Is it because we can? No. It's because we must.

Whether we are inspired by the imagery of a magnificent painting, the emotion evoked by a musical or dramatic masterpiece, or the timeless message of a poem, the arts have
always played a central role in our lives and, indeed, the human experience. This
could not be more true than here in the Mountain Empire where we have inherited
the great artistic traditions of Central Appalachia. We have always relied on
the arts to lift us up, console our sadness and celebrate life with one another.

The mission of Arts Alliance Mountain Empire is to nurture, advocate and
celebrate the arts throughout the Mountain Empire, with the goals of supporting
regional artists, facilitating collaborations and communicating the value of the
arts. We are able to achieve these goals, in part, with generous support from the
Bristol Herald Courier, the Virginia Commission for the Arts, the Tennessee Arts
Commission and the National Endowment for the Arts. Most importantly, our vital
work is made possible because of your support.

As publisher of the award-winning A! Magazine for the Arts, AAME serves as
the largest voice for arts information and advocacy in the region, reaching more
than 30,000 readers each month in print and online. A! Magazine for the Arts
produces feature articles about diverse artists and their work, public art initiatives,
calendars of regional events, arts youth spotlights, and poetry and book reviews.
Additionally, A! Magazine for the Arts reports vital information on national
arts trends and legislative issues affecting arts funding. Celebrating its 18th year,
A! Magazine for the Arts is the most comprehensive and indispensable guide for
the arts in the Mountain Empire.

Please demonstrate your commitment to the arts by becoming an AAME
member today. There is a form which you can use.

Jordan C. Pennington
President, AAME Board of Directors