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College Professor recognized for Directorial Contribution

December 8, 2006

Bristol, Tenn. - Elizabeth Lee Dollar, Assistant Professor of TheaterandChair for the Department of Visual and Performing Arts at King College,was recently awarded a Certificate of Merit for Directing by Region IVof the Kennedy Center American College TheaterFestival. The certificaterecognizes exemplary work of a faculty member in a production enteredinto the year-long national theatereducation program.

Dollar was nominated for the award by outside respondents who judged andcritiqued King's performance of "All in the Timing," a work by DavidIves, at the Tennessee state level festival which took place on Oct. 25-29 in Johnson City, Tenn., as part of the Tennessee TheaterAssociationconference. The play was the college's first entry into the festival as
a participating production.

Dollar said she appreciates the certificate as unbiased recognition ofthe effort she puts into King's theater program.

"You get so focused on your work and on the production that it's nice toget some outside affirmation from people who aren't familiar with yourprogram," said Dollar.

In addition to Dollar's recognition, the production was also recommendedfor consideration for the southern regional festival of the KennedyCenter American College Theater Festival in February 2007. Several Kingstudents also were individually recognized with nominations for IreneRyan Acting Scholarships. These students included Tiffany Marler, a
sophomore from Greenville, S.C; Ben Marshall, a junior from GladeSpring, Va.; and Kristy Ray, a junior from Stuarts Draft, Va. TiffanyMorgan, a sophomore from Owenton, Ky., was recognized for stagemanagement, and Vica Shaffer, a senior from Gardners, Pa., wasrecognized as properties mistress.

"I'm extremely proud of the work of the students, the associated facultyand the creative team behind this production," said Dollar. "We gave itour all and I think the results were outstanding."

According to the KCACTF sponsorship billing, The Kennedy Center AmericanCollege Theater Festival is nation wide educational program that aims atidentifying and promoting quality in college-level theater productions.By entering "All in the Timing", King College shares in the goals "torecognize, reward, and celebrate the exemplary work produced in collegeand university theateracross the nation."