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E-Newsletter Offers Help for NonProfits

March 29, 2009

Bristol Organizations has released its April 2009 NonProfit Newsletter. Topics include Direct Mailing, Fundraising in a Recession, Federal Stimulus Update, Professional Grantwriting, Classes and Workshops, Technical Training, and more.


This month Bristol Organizations invites you to its quarterly luncheon on Wednesday, April 15, 2009. The topic will be Direct Mailing and how to manipulate your database to direct your mailers to those who may be more likely to respond. If you do mailings, you should make the time to attend. The Bristol Organizations meetings are open to members and non-members. If you would like to develop your network of community resources or let others know what you do and who you are, this is a perfect opportunity.


Many thanks to the Virginia Network of Non Profit Organizations for monitoring and disseminating the information on how the STIMULUS package might impact the non profit sector. In our newsletter this month we have an article, with several links, that helps make sense of grant opportunities that might be made available to those in the non profit world. While the Virginia organization has made the data available, this is Federal information applicable to everyone. If it doesn't apply to your organization, it may help explain what is happening with our money. It may also be an opportunity to create new partnerships with other community groups to develop programs to obtain funding.

To view this month's newsletter, CLICK HERE.


Among the workshops offered this month:
April 29: Internet Marketing on a Dime
For a complete list, CLICK HERE.


* Fundraising in a Recession
* Fundamental Changes
* Successful Strategies
* Professional Grantwriters
* Northeast State Non Profit Classes
* YWCA Technical Training

If you have any questions about Bristol Organizations, contact:

Gary McGeough
SCORE Bristol
E-mail: mcgeough@btes.tv