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<em>Weep Not For The Vampire</em> is set in a rural Virginia town.

Weep Not For The Vampire is set in a rural Virginia town.

Weep Not For The Vampire by Marion, Va. author

March 5, 2007

A vampire, weary of his undead existence and haunted by his recent slaying of an innocent child, returns to his rural Virginia hometown planning to find some method of destroying himself. He unexpectedly discovers a daughter and granddaughter he never knew he had and learns to his horror that one of his own kind is now preying on his grandchild. Before he confronts the rival undead, the vampire manages to make his final peace with the wife he left behind and free them both from a love that has survived both the passage of time and the darkness of the grave.

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About the Author: William A. Veselik is a life-long fan of horror novels and films, especially those featuring a vampire theme. Vampires, says Veselik, are fascinating characters because they are often enviable for their considerable supernatural powers and yet infinitely pitiable because of the terrible curse they must endure. Veselik is the public relations coordinator for a Virginia community college. During his college years, Veselik worked as a part-time gravedigger before embarking on a five-year career as an award-winning newspaper reporter and managing editor. He and his wife, Cheryl, live in Southwest Virginia.

Weep Not For The Vampire is now available from Mundania Press (www.mundania.com). Coming soon is My Soul to Take in three parts: Corpses So Lively (May 2007), Enter Death, Stage Right (October 2007), and The Vampire Lord Unmasked (February 2008), as well as Ghost Image (2008).