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Herb Parker

Herb Parker

ETSU's Parker interviewed in "Backstage' magazine

April 12, 2016

JOHNSON CITY – This week, hundreds of actors in New York City and beyond are getting monologue advice from Herb Parker, a faculty member at East Tennessee State University.

Parker is interviewed in this week's edition of "Backstage" magazine, a leading publication for actors and performers that offers career advice and audition information. His article, "How to Determine if an Audition Monologue is Right for You," offers suggestions on choosing monologues and identifying those that are "outrageous."

Parker is author of the new book, "A Monologue is an Outrageous Situation: How to Survive the 60-Second Audition," published last month by Focal Press.

"The premise for my use of the term "outrageous' is that characters are dealing with outrageous situations in their lives that are caused by love," said Parker, an associate professor in the Department of Communication and Performance. "These are situations where they find themselves dealing with out-of-the-ordinary circumstances or events where they are pushed up against a wall and have to fight back. Sometimes, this can be for good reasons.

"Outrageous doesn't necessarily have to be bad," he added. "An "outrageous' monologue helps students make bigger choices as actors."

Parker joined the ETSU faculty in 2005 and has directed a number of ETSU productions, including "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof," "The Trojan Women" and, most recently, David Mamet's "Race."

"Backstage" magazine can be viewed at www.backstage.com. More information about Parker's book is available at https://www.routledge.com/products/9781138120013.