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Eric Booth

Eric Booth

National Arts Dialogue Needs Your Voice

April 19, 2010

To celebrate the successes of the past 50 years in the arts field, Americans for the Arts has partnered with more than 20 national arts service organizations and peer groups representing different disciplines to collect Green Papers.

These Green Papers are short, evolving vision statements of the future meant to inspire a nationwide dialogue on the arts. Over the course of 2010, anyone with a vested interest in the future of the arts is invited to comment, suggest changes, and offer alternative visions in this dynamic virtual exchange of ideas through the Green Paper section of ARTSblog.

Start Participating Now

Your voice is needed to help plan for the future of the arts:
* Visit the Green Paper section of ARTSblog on a regular basis to join and follow the dialogue and suggest changes.
* Subscribe to the RSS feed for a topic of interest to you.

More than 20 national arts service organizations and peer groups have already joined in the Green Paper project, with more to come. Green Paper topics represent a broad spectrum of the arts and arts disciplines.

Current Green Paper topics include:

The Future of...Artists' and Arts Organizations' Preparedness and Emergency Response, Artists' Residency Programs, Arts Education, Arts in Healthcare, Arts Learning for Children/Youth, Community Arts Education, Cultural Democracy, Dance Education, Leadership for the Arts, Preservation, Private Sector Support for the Arts, Public Art, Public Voice in Arts Advocacy, Strings, Digital Infrastructure for the Creative Economy, and Urban Municipal Arts Agencies, with more to come, and a special white paper on the future of Philanthropy in the Arts.

Our partner groups have chosen emerging leader Ambassadors from across the country to help drive conversations around Green Paper topics. Ambassadors will continue this dialogue throughout the year-capturing and synthesizing the ideas, changes, and themes that arise from online discussions. Ambassadors are led by a group facilitator, Eric Booth, and at the end of the year, new Green Papers will emerge that will reflect the ideas proposed through this democratic forum process.

What Eric Booth, our Ambassador Facilitator, has to say:

"We do a lot of things well in the arts - from working miracles with little money to transforming lives - that's all. But one thing we don't do well is reflect together on where we stand in our art forms in a changing culture, or consider where we are heading as different arts fields and one arts community. The Green Paper adventure invites you to contribute your best and most provocative thoughts to clarify a vision of the arts culture you yearn to create. I hope you can find that bit of attention and energy to participate - the very thing we ask of Americans regarding the arts. See what's cooking at http://blog.artsusa.org/category/greenpapers."