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NEA releases New Reading Study

December 3, 2007

WASHINGTON, DC -- The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) has announced the release of "To Read or Not To Read: A Question of National Consequence," a new and comprehensive analysis of reading patterns in the United States.

"To Read or Not To Read" gathers statistics from more than 40 studies on the reading habits and skills of children, teenagers, and adults. The compendium reveals recent declines in voluntary reading and test scores alike, exposing trends that have severe consequences for American society.

"The new NEA study is the first to bring together reliable, nationally representative data, including everything the federal government knows about reading," said NEA Chairman Dana Gioia. "This study shows the startling declines, in how much and how well Americans read, that are adversely affecting this country's culture, economy, and civic life as well as our children's educational achievement."

"To Read or Not To Read" expands the investigation of the NEA's landmark 2004 report, "Reading at Risk."

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