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Old photos of the Jackson Theatre being sought

March 1, 2015

JONESBOROUGH, TN - The Town of Jonesborough and the Heritage Alliance are seeking old photos of the Jackson Theatre in Jonesborough, Tennessee. Photos are needed for the exterior of the building or interior, and they can be of any time period going back to when the building was a furniture store in the very early 1900s.

If someone has a photo of a person or group of people and the theatre building is in the background, the photo will still be very helpful. If allowed, the photos will be copied and immediately returned, and the copy will be used to help make decisions about how the building will be restored.

Anyone who has a photo of the building to share or any memorabilia related to the theatre, contact the Town of Jonesborough at 423-753-1031 (virginiac@jonesboroughtn.org) or the Heritage Alliance at 423-753-9580 info@heritageall.org.