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"Operation Homecoming" Program Expands

November 18, 2007

Throughout history, people and nations have been shaped by the militaryconflicts that they have endured and survived, and the stories that areborn of those conflicts.

Beginning in 2003 and ending with the publishing last fall of OperationHomecoming, an anthology of essays and poetry by soldiers and their familymembers, the Southern Arts Federation (SAF) worked with the NationalEndowment for the Arts (NEA) to conduct writing workshops and to collectstories from Afghanistan and Iraq.

"Operation Homecoming" Program Expands

In 2008, SAF will partner with the NEA, the Department of Veterans Affairs,and the Department of Defense, with funding from the Boeing Company, to
present "Operation Homecoming: Literary Programming for Veterans and theirFamilies." They will work with local literary organizations to offerprogramming outside the writing workshops, such as residencies, readings,lectures and book signings at veteran centers, health facilities and othersites that serve veterans. In addition, the project will include a guidefor writing workshops and online educational resources.

This next step of the Operation Homecoming project will segue from thosewho are serving to those who have served (veterans and their families) --to make their voices heard.

For more information:http://www.arts.gov/national/homecoming/index.html