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Lynn Price is seen here with one of his sculptures of a child.

Lynn Price is seen here with one of his sculptures of a child.

Price begins sculpting after children grown

February 24, 2014

Lynn Price didn't began sculpting until the age of 50. "A world renowned sculptress and artist, Earline Heath-King, lived in Winston-Salem, N.C., where I was living and working. I always wanted to learn portrait sculpting. A call to her got me into her portrait sculpture classes. I also studied under Michael van der Summer, a well-known sculptor."

Price doesn't limit himself to sculpting portraits. He says, "Creating is creating, whether it be portraits or other subjects. I love it all. There are many things to be created that I enjoy."

He uses photos to begin his sculptures. When it is almost finished, then the subject comes in to sit for approximately 30 minutes to complete the piece.

Price works in a realistic style and strives to create a piece that pleases the client. "None of my work leaves my studio unless I am satisfied, and my client is satisfied," he says.

He gets commissions for portraits by word of mouth, and most of them are for homes. A majority of his portraits are of children, which are commissioned by their parents.

"The portrait sculpture that I am particularly proud of is Dr. Kiffin Penry of Winston-Salem, N.C., which I created several years after his death for his wife and family," Price says.

A native of Abingdon, Va., Price began his sculpting career while living in North Carolina, after his children left home. "After retiring, I moved back to Southwest Virginia and spend my time sculpting, when I am not busy lambing on my farm in Meadowview."

He has exhibited at the Arts Depot and won Best of Show at the Clinch River Days in St. Paul Va. He has taught classes on sculpting and taught a sculpture of hands class at E. B. Stanley Middle School. "I am pleased to be able to give something back to the kids of the area and will teach if and when interest is shown," he says.

To contact Price, call (276) 614-7352.