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Roanoke's Mill Mountain Theatre Closes

February 1, 2009

ROANOKE, Va. -- According to The Roanoke Times, Mill Mountain Theatre in Roanoke, Va. is closing and canceling the rest of its 2009 season. Officials said the theater would close on Feb. 8 after the run of Driving Miss Daisy and will likely declare bankruptcy in its battle against mounting debt.

A! Magazine for the Arts asked Richard Rose, Producing Artistic Director for Barter Theatre in Abingdon, Va., for his thoughts on the situation.

Rose said, "It is unfortunate and devastating to the fine staff and artists who work at Mill Mountain Theatre, all of whom poured their hearts and souls into the continual existence of that theatre. It is also an immediate reminder of the real and catastrophic economic times that we all face and the potential effect that the current economy is having on arts organizations in our region and around the nation, all of whom are struggling to survive."

He concluded, "To all of our patrons, it is also a reminder that in times like these, we will have to decide who and what is important to our communities and to our lives and put whatever limited resources we do have into assuring that these will be secure throughout this national crisis."

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