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'Round the Mountains announces new members

October 18, 2022

‘Round the Mountain: Southwest Virginia’s Artisan Network announces the acceptance of six new juried members following a fall application process.

New members are eligible to have their work for sale at theSouthwest Virginia Cultural Center & Marketplacein Abingdon, Virginia. They will also be entitled to participate in e-commerce and wholesale programs throughout Southwest Virginia.

Aria Asbury/ Painting (Watercolor, Acrylic, Gouache)

Aria Asbury is an art teacher from Meadowview, Virginia. She has been experimenting with watercolor and gouache for the last five years.

"My work is very illustrative and emotional," Asbury said. She said she is inspired by the work of Hayao Miyazaki, driven by the vibrant colors and life found in oceans.

In addition to her full-time work in education, she also recently started an art business called 'Artia's' to fill summers with self-fulfillment of her own work.

Ryon Belk/ Recycled Rope

Ryon Belk is a Bristol artist who has been making bowls and baskets out of rope for a few years. Belkcrafts the items out of old, worn-out ropes or ropes that have been provided by others.

He previously shared his works as gifts but now sells them as a hobby to recycle ropes that would otherwise no longer be used for their previous job.

Gloria Cocilova/ Mixed Medium Glass Art Decor

Gloria Cocilova is originally from Mississippi but has called Southwest Virginia home for around 30 years. She has been creating her crushed glass artwork for about three years while living on a houseboat/floating cabin, but her artistic talent dates back more than four decades. She is expanding her capabilities with this new art style.

"I never thought I could paint," Gloria said. "This art gives me a chance to create some unique pieces."

Cocilova paints each piece of art before adding crushed glass or other items to enhance the beauty before adding resin.

Madison Ramey/ Acrylic Painting

Madison Ramey is from Abingdon, Virginia. She has been painting for eight months. Rameysaid she began sketching creations for her son, but her work turned from hobby to passion once she began painting.

She uses a 'swipe' style with many different colors and media, including some with gold leafing. Much of her work is abstract, with loose landscapes as well.

She is a full-time artist with work in murals and other media.

Theresa Walker/ Fiber

Theresa Walker has lived in Floyd for 36 years by way of New Jersey.

Her cowls have become her current passion, which she describes as a 'colorful outpouring of a need to make coziness and hugs out of beautiful yarn.'

Walker's creations are a compilation of 45 years of experience knitting as a hobby; saying, "I never thought of myself as an artist until now."

Kandee Wallace/ Ink

Kandee Wallace lives in Castlewood, Virginia, and you can see many Appalachian inspirations in her work.

She has been using ink and acrylics for about 14 years. Her items were submitted with the intent to reference and support people and initiatives in this area, including native animals and plants, as well as local bands and musicians. Her work also highlights the challenges young Appalachians face and working to change.

She currently creates art as a hobby but would love to see this passion provide a part-time job in the future.

For more information about the ‘Round the Mountain jury process and how to apply, visit the website athttps://roundthemountain.org/about/jury-application/