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Monroeville is one of the many band to perform on the Song of the Mountains stage at the Lincoln Theatre.

Monroeville is one of the many band to perform on the Song of the Mountains stage at the Lincoln Theatre.

Song of the Mountains Launches Kickstarter Campaign

September 10, 2012

MARION, VA - "Song of the Mountains is a wonderful concert series that is based at the historic Lincoln Theatre in Marion, Va., showcasing and preserving the music of the southern Appalachian region. Song of the Mountains/Lincoln Theatre is a non-profit 501c3 organization and depends on generous donations and underwriters to continue to do this important work as well as creating economic development in the form of tourism for southwestern Virginia," says Tim White, the show's host and executive coordinator.

Like most non-profit organizations Song of the Mountains is struggling with funding and this groundbreaking public television program is constantly coming up with creative ideas to raise much needed dollars to keep the concert series on the air.

In early August 2012 Song of the Mountains launched a "Kickstarter" campaign to raise money and interact with fans of the show at the same time. Kickstarter is a program that was designed to support artists and projects in the music and visual artist world. There are two basic rules for a Kickstarter campaign. One is to set a goal of monies to be raised, and the second is to set a timeline in which these funds are to be raised. If an artistic project reaches or exceeds its goal within the specified time frame then the project receives the "pledged funds" from its "backers." If the goal of a project is not reached within the specified timeline then the project receives no funding from the pledged backers.

"This is an exciting way to raise much needed dollars for Song of the Mountains and a way for fans of our show to become engaged and support us at a level that is comfortable for each individual 'backer,'" says White. "We are on public television outlets across America, but PBS does not fund our show. I have found that many people who enjoy our show on PBS mistakenly think that PBS funds us. We are very appreciative that public television airs our program, but we are solely responsible for raising the money to keep our show on the air," White says.

The organization asks fans of the Song of the Mountains concert series to visit its website and click on the Kickstarter logo which is in bright green lettering on the homepage. Once at the Song of the Mountains Kickstarter page there is a seven-minute video that shows highlights from the first six years of the concert series and explains the process on how individuals may become a valuable backer of the show. There are several levels that individuals may become involved starting at a $1 pledge level. Different pledge amounts receive a variety of various "gifts" for helping with the project. Song of the Mountains has until Oct. 5 to raise its goal of $27,500.

White says, "With corporate underwriting at a low point and government grants not what they once were we are turning to our much appreciated fan base for help. We are broadcast across America on public television, and we are based in the beautiful Lincoln Theatre in Marion, Va. This might make us appear to be a rich organization, but we are definitely not. It is a necessity that our fans support this cause if we are to continue to produce concerts and tape them for future generations to enjoy. Our show is entertaining but it is also and valuable archive of bluegrass, old time, gospel, classic country and Americana music. I hope that our loyal fans will visit our Kickstarter campaign and make a pledge at their comfort level and pass word along to others to do the same."

Info is available at www.songofthemountains.org or at www.kickstarter.com then search Song of the Mountains. Also information is available by contacting the Lincoln Theatre at 276-783-6093.