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Two new books published

November 30, 2016

Jan-Carol Publishing of Johnson City, Tennessee, announces the release of "Wait For Me, Boys! Wait For Me!" written by retired Bristol professor and Cleveland, Virginia, native Dr. Craig Ashbrook and "Things That Go Bump in the Night," by Greeneville, Tennessee, author Pauline Petsel.

How could a small child's pleading to his friends, "Wait for me, boys," become one of the most important requests of a lifetime? How could a promise to a parent become a life-shaping focal point, which seemed to be an unachievable ambition? How could religion be both a blessing and an insensitive malediction? "Wait For Me, Boys. Wait For Me" settles these and many other uncertainties, while revealing a noticeable connection of life's events and purpose.

The book is an entertaining read that is not just limited to Dr. Ashbrook, but reflects much about the many individuals who grew up with him in a small Appalachian town on the banks of Clinch River," said J. Michael O'Connor, author of "Ghosts of my Mind" and "His Wars, His Honor." "His story allows the reader to realize that we truly are the ones who lived life to the fullest. His book is exceptionally rewarding."

Petsel's "Things That Go Bump in the Night" tells the tale of a group of kids left at the bus stop with nobody to pick them up, trying to find shelter from violent winds and an oncoming storm. Why were the lights out and the phone cut at Mrs. Brown's house? What had happened to everyone? Who was walking upstairs in the old house? Follow the five children as they go through a terrifying time during the stormy night in Sleepy Hollow where things go bump in the night.

Petsel is a native of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and retired in Greeneville after years as a lifeguard and swim instructor in St. Petersburg, Florida, where she also wrote a book on teaching babies to swim. In addition to her newest release, Jan-Carol Publishing published "Sparks," Petsel's memories of growing up in the "good ol' days."

Jan-Carol Publishing includes the imprints Mountain Girl Press, Little Creek Books, Express Editions, Rose Heart Publishing, and DigiStyle. Each imprint specializes in a particular genre-from Appalachian stories to children's books and more.

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