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Virginia Candidates Surveyed on Arts Funding

August 18, 2009

RICHMOND, VA -- Virginians for the Arts recently conducted a survey of candidates running for office in the November 2009 general election.

Questions included the following:

--- Do you support increasing the present appropriation for grants made to arts organizations throughout Virginia by the Virginia Commission for the Arts in the 2010-12 biennial budget?

--- Do you support the goal of providing $1 per capita in funding for grants to arts organizations, as endorsed by the General Assembly each year since 1997?

--- If no increases in Virginia Commission for the Arts grant funding are included in the Governor's proposed 2010-12 budget, will you support legislative budget amendments that would achieve the dollar-per-capita goal during the 2010-12 biennium?

To read their responses, visit ww.Vaforarts.org and click on "2009 Candidate Survey" in the left column.