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Dr. Teresa Keller

Dr. Teresa Keller

E&H Professor Receives State Award

April 27, 2010

Dr. Teresa Keller, an Emory & Henry College professor of mass communications who led efforts to dramatically expand the reach of the college's radio station, recently received the 2010 Outstanding Faculty Award from the State Council for Higher Education in Virginia. Keller, who has taught at Emory & Henry for 24 years, was recognized for her success as a teacher, her scholarship and her
outreach to the community. Her leadership resulted in a major expansion of power – from 500 watts to almost 9,000 watts – for WEHC radio, which now carries a wide variety of National Public Radio programming as well as campus and community programs. She also has led efforts to establish an on-line news site and a departmental television operation, EHC-TV. She is also the co-author of a widely used textbook for broadcast journalism and has long been recognized as a champion for open government and advocate for cameras in the courtroom.